Ivo Kudini is a NYC based freelance photographer. His focus is on headshots, portraits and fashion. After graduating from Bulgaria's South Western University with a major in Visual Arts, he moved to the US to pursue his passion - Photography. He chose NYC because it is the mecca of Visual, Performing Arts and Fashion.

In his work with actors on their headshots, he goes in depth with every individual to analyze the intended use of the portrait to achieve the best results!

During his fashion sessions he helps the models strike their best pose.

Whether you are a CEO of a large company or a full-time mom or both, photographic portraits are today's paintings. Whether you want it on your corporate website or a family portrait over the fireplace mantel, it's the memories that last!

Ivo is open minded, creative and brings his directing experiences to the table to help every individual relax, concentrate and give their best during the sessions.

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